Some people clean toilets, commit crimes, drive trains, paint surfaces with a variety of pigment, manufacture doors, weld metal with electricity, sew labels on clothing, remove diseased flesh, organise protests, study oxidization, walk along paths sealed with bitumen, operate heavy machinery, entertain children, grow many things from seeds, hate themselves, follow others, sail upon large bodies of water, remain quiet, design office furniture, sell objects over the telephone, care for elderly people, colour code prosthetics, fire ballistic missiles, count cells, manipulate fibres, pump petro chemicals into containers, imagine they're being watched, play electronic games, rent out their bodies, speak professionally, others act in prescribed manners, make judgments according to various laws, agree on patterns printed on cloth, have no concept of others, consume beverages, have a fear of heights, genetically manipulate organic matter, ride on the backs of animals, live in far away places, sell houses for other people, study weather patterns, operate electronic calculators, raise and lower great weights, deliver all manner of packages, extrude plastics, speak loudly, make decisions for other people, breed budgerigars, fabricate dwellings, store farm produce, suffer from obsessive compulsive syndrome, fly aircraft, are blind, scale vertical surfaces, live through the actions of others, study rocks;

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